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Communiquer contributes to a better understanding of communication phenomena involving human beings. Organizational communication, intercultural and international communication, interpersonal and group communication, marketing and publicity communication, political communication, as well as health, environment, technology, scientific and public relations as a whole constitute its fields of interests.

Latest issue
16 | 2016
Valorisation, stratégies et communication des territoires à l’épreuve de l’authenticité

Valorisation, Strategies and Communication to Preserve Territorial Authenticity

The papers presented in this issue are a fragment of a succession of research and scientific events examining the links between public communication and territorial development when combined to the valorisation of natural, material and immaterial heritage. This communication, exerted or applied on territories, is discussed from the perspectives of institutional organizations and public services (or having a public service mission), associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). From the themes of economic changes and social transformations, such as the strategies of actors who design and produce these transformations, the contributions examine the notion of authenticity; the issues of a form of attractiveness and valorisation of territories, in Maghreb as well as in France, through communication in terms of authenticity. These researches are also part of a development program of public and territorial communication (Research and Training) - in collaboration with the Cap'Com network - in the Maghreb countries, covered from the field of information and communication sciences.

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